About us

       ANH PHAT TRADING MANUFACTURE CO.,LTD , with the abbreviation is' Anphaco was established in 2001, with a staff of many experiences, good in the technical professional, enthusiastic, dynamic, experienced salestechnical, enthusiastic guide, meticulously attentive to help customers use the correct technical process, take customer satisfaction as a measure for the quality of goods and quality of service quality of goods,quality of service is the foundation for the sustainable development of the company.
     ANH PHAT TRADING MANUFACTURE CO.,LTD specialized business, distribution precision measuring equipment, We are proud to be distributors Fluke products,a Brand known for quality precision measuring device No.1 in the  world, especially our firm Fluke allows exclusive rights to distribute  models such as: FLUKE 302 +; 303; 305; 317; 319; 15B; 17B on the whole territory of Vietnam.
     FLUKE products in general and specific models above, the Fluke products are in superior quality to withstand  bumps, especially not catch fire or damage that is still safe, if the user  use others function accidentally to measure the AC voltage.Beside that Fluke products also given the results of measurement  with high accuracy, fast result, the screen is crisp, with symbols indicating the measurement functions are clear, beautiful form, compact easy to hold carryuse is to use the height, eye-catching colors., professional products for professional people./.